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To parents of children below the age of 18 years old, your child is exchanging real-life money to purchase digital in-game currency or rank which will benefit them in the Minecraft server of The Cracked Server. Please ensure that all payments are consented to by you.

This is the official store of The Cracked Server.
The store offers you many options from Ranks to Rank Upgrades
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Rules of the Cracked Server

  1. Advertising
    Talking about servers MAY be allowed depending on the conversation or context, however sharing direct server IPs, links, or platforms is not allowed.

  2. Discrimination
    Discrimination can be words, statements, or political sayings that can target certain groups of people: gender, race, ethnicity, disability, or religion. The most common discrimination we tend to face is race and gender on our server which is immediately removed.

  3. General Rudeness
    We ask that you always remain respectful when talking to anyone on our platforms. We would like to keep the community free of disrespectful and inappropriate comments. You need to stay aware of how to treat others on our platforms. Speak kindly to each other and treat people how you would like to be treated. General banter is fine but disrespectful behavior is not allowed.

  4. Bullying, Harassment, and Blackmail
    Bullying and harassment are classed as making rude comments continuously, targeting a player, or overall going out of your way to make another player feel sad, down, or isolated from the rest of the community. Blackmail is where someone uses leverage (often screenshots, videos, or private information about someone) to force the targeted person to do something otherwise they will release the information.

  5. DOXX / DDOS Threats
    DOXX threats are when you obtain private information about a person illegally on the internet to use with malicious intent, this is both against our server’s rules and is illegal in most countries and hence treated very seriously. DDOS threats are ‘achieving or threatening a DOSS attack where compromised systems are used to target a single system causing them a denial of service attack. This is both against our server’s rules and is illegal in most countries and hence treated very seriously.
  6. Use of Hacked Clients & Illegal Modifications
    Use of clients, resource packs, or any program/modification that modifies your gaming experience in a way that would give you an unfair advantage over the rest of the player base, against other players or staff will result in immediate removal from our platform.

  7. Inappropriate Names / Skins
    Profiles names on all platforms need to remain appropriate, meaning they should not contain explicit, sensitive or politically sensitive content. These may include but are not limited to: Pornographic content, Discriminatory content, Sensitive topics. We also do not allow media advertising within the IGN or forums/discord name.

  8. Inappropriate Language / Comments
    Inappropriate Language can be considered either sexual and explicit talk, excessive swearing, or overall inappropriate comments/topics. We are a PG13 server, and whilst we like to allow our community to discuss mature topics (within reason), we must also ensure they do not become too inappropriate for all age ranges that we host.

  9. IRL Soliciting Attempted / IRL Soliciting
    We do not allow the advertising of selling/trading server-related goods for IRL or other community material. Anyone that is found selling or attempting to trade off The Cracked Server-specific resources for IRL-related goods will be removed from the community. This also goes for anyone soliciting materials from other third-party providers for IRL goods and services.

  10. Chat Offense (Spamming, Excessive Use of Caps, etc.)
    "Spamming" is defined as sending multiple messages or the same message in a short period of time OR in large amounts. We ask players to not spam chats with the same phrases, long strings of characters, or in any other regard, doing this floods the chat and can also take away from the ability of players to have questions answered and makes it difficult for staff to effectively monitor the chat. This rule applies to a general category of chat-related offenses, such as excessive use of caps, flooding the chat, inappropriate item names, etc.

  11. Verbal Abuse and Death Threats
    Any threats that seem alarming or an overall out-of-game threat will be removed immediately from our community. We want our community to have a safe space and will continue to feel safe when on all of our platforms, we do not stand for any type of threat.
  12. Evading Punishments
    Any player found evading a major punishment (Some examples include but are not limited to duping, chargebacks, use of a hacked client, DDOS/DOXX threats, malicious intent, etc.) will be immediately removed from our community and if found continuously attempting to evade- will be blacklisted from our platforms.



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